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The Joys of a New Puppy

Our new puppy, Sammy, a seven-month old Golden Retriever, has turned out to be a chewer. Here are a few examples of stuff he’s enjoyed.
This is the chewed up edge of the pad under the rug in our bedroom. Over time he’s worked on it and left pieces littering the house.


This is one of my older (thank goodness) running shoes. The back is gone and the shoe is uncomfortable, assuming I can get my foot into it without dragging the stuffing inside.

I took a picture of my chewed up reading glasses, but I’m so technologically challenged that now I cannot locate it. Needless to say, the plastic frames were in five pieces and one of the lenses was scratched and unusable in a new pair. Rats! At least when I took the pieces to the optical department at Sam’s Club, I received a replacement pair for only the difference in the price of the frames. I’m working hard at keeping either my regular glasses or my reading glasses in a case when not wearing them, since the replacement offer is a one-time deal.


Finally, you’ll have to look closely, but this aluminum crochet hook is covered with teeth marks. It’s unusable since the yarn catches on the nicks.

This is the culprit – but who wouldn’t love this baby?

Do you have any destructive pets at your house? Thanks for reading and comments invited.