Good Morning All — you faithful few. I haven’t posted in months, and finally here I am. I just spent 30 minutes trying up load 2 pictures to my desktop so I can include them here.
But– I can’t get them here to post. I could post them to Facebook, but that’s not what I want. POOEY!
I’ve kept this site even though it’s over a year since I’ve done anything. Hard to believe.

I hate that I waste so much time screwing around with no results. Oh well, enough ranting.
I’ve been sick with sciatic nerve pain, making it painful to sit in a chair to write. Then I fell and broke my femur last summer – holy Batman. What a mess. I won’t bore you with the sad tail, and the good news is that I’m all healed and walking just fine. Thank Goddess for surgeons and physical therapists. Take my advice, my friends. Don’t break your femur!

So, I’m going to figure out how to post pictures easily and create the blog I wanted later. In the meantime, thank you for not giving up on reading my postings. More coming.

Snow White’s Curse

If any of you are seamstresses, quilters, or otherwise engage in the needle arts, you’ve probably pricked your finger at one time or another. I did it today. The first time in I can remember ever. With my sewing machine, I am piecing a quilt for my husband’s niece. It’s a simple pattern – sewing strips together with assorted fabrics and then cutting them into squares.
But the *&$#@ machine unthreads itself when I start a new strip. I have to grab the end of the thread and tug out a couple inches more before starting. This afternoon I was grabbing the thread from under the needle when I accidentally dropped my foot on the foot pedal and POWIE. I jerked my finger away and managed to scratch a deep cut in the pad of my first finger, right hand. Pooey. I even bent the needle. But unlike Snow White, I didn’t fall into a coma waiting for a prince’s kiss to awaken me. Just had to get a bandaid to stop the bleeding before I bled on the fabric.
So advice to all you machine sewers – keep your foot off the pedal when fooling with the needle thread. DUH.
I guess my time had come. I’ve been sewing stuff since I was a kid. Took home ec in high school- Do they even teach that anymore?? I learned to make jackets and dresses and blouses for myself and my daughter–including bound button holes. Very proud of that skill.
But for the last ten years I’ve been making quilts – have done about 30 of them for all my family and my husband’s family. This one I’m working on now is the last one for family. Everybody has at least one quilt. I have 3 for my own bed.
The best thing about sewing is that you get to see a finished product (might take a while for a king-sized quilt), but if you persist, you have one finished. Writing and publishing is so much delayed gratification that by the time something’s in print or posted on line, you’ve nearly forgotten about it. I published research stuff as a sociologist when I was on the faculty at a university here – pubs showed up as much as a year or more after you’re finished. I’ve just recently gotten a contract offer for a short story that I wrote, and it’s probably going to be sometime late next year before it’s available. I promise you this quilt will be long finished before Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But I love it – writing and quilting — it’s a wonderful life.
Will post the details of the publication when I know more.


Thanks for reading, and all you seamstresses and quilters, leave a comment about your favorite things to sew.