The Joys of Writing

I’m a happy woman when I am writing. Welcome to the Soul Mate BLOG HOP. After you’ve enjoyed my comments and pictures, please return to Cheryl’s site to continue hopping.

My writing schedule is three to four hours a day, whether creating a new story (that’s the best) or editing and fixing one (harder but still satisfying). I don’t try to work on Sat or Sun, mostly because there are too many distractions when my husband is home. God Bless Him, he seems to think that a ‘quick question’ is not an interruption–where’s the grocery list? Did you see my glasses? What are we having for dinner?
The rest of my household (my younger son, his wife, and son, and my older son) are usually gone to work or school and/or sleeping in the mornings, which is when I write. But we can’t forget the three dogs and two birdsIMG_0828IMG_0660
Here are two of the dogs – our pug and the nine-month-old Golden Retiever. The Golden is a rambunctious and high energy dog who stirs up the other two. The third one – our yellow lab IMG_0537
is shown here with parrot poop on his head. Was standing in the path when I carried the parrot into the kitchen.IMG_0021The point of all this that I have an endless supply of ideas and incidents to include in my stories. The first one doesn’t have any pets, but all the rest do. The Taste of Her has an akita, and we had one until she had cancer. Miss her still.IMG_0027

Happy reading and enjoy my novella–The Red Halter Top, and watch for The Taste of Her–coming soon. Back to the BLOG HOP

The Joys of a New Puppy

Our new puppy, Sammy, a seven-month old Golden Retriever, has turned out to be a chewer. Here are a few examples of stuff he’s enjoyed.
This is the chewed up edge of the pad under the rug in our bedroom. Over time he’s worked on it and left pieces littering the house.


This is one of my older (thank goodness) running shoes. The back is gone and the shoe is uncomfortable, assuming I can get my foot into it without dragging the stuffing inside.

I took a picture of my chewed up reading glasses, but I’m so technologically challenged that now I cannot locate it. Needless to say, the plastic frames were in five pieces and one of the lenses was scratched and unusable in a new pair. Rats! At least when I took the pieces to the optical department at Sam’s Club, I received a replacement pair for only the difference in the price of the frames. I’m working hard at keeping either my regular glasses or my reading glasses in a case when not wearing them, since the replacement offer is a one-time deal.


Finally, you’ll have to look closely, but this aluminum crochet hook is covered with teeth marks. It’s unusable since the yarn catches on the nicks.

This is the culprit – but who wouldn’t love this baby?

Do you have any destructive pets at your house? Thanks for reading and comments invited.

Passwords: The worst part about technology

On my desk I keep a 5×8 card with most of my passwords. My husbands says I can’t keep them in my phone because it’s too vulnerable. So I write them all down with the login and of course which site the info refers to, in pencil because they are always changing. At last count I have 35 different sites listed, plus a yellow stickie with 2 more stapled to the card and 1 more stickie on the edge of my monitor with another one.
I’ve got my insurance company, my blog, two banks, AT&T, my checking account, Yahoo, Gmail, Paypal, MyCloud, Cox TV for my internet, facebook, Toyota, Romance Writers Association and my member number, The Romance Review, American Express, Lands End, Zappos, Edline (for my grandson’s grades), Drugstore.come, and so on and so forth.
Try as I might, I find few of them are the same. Some sites, as you probably know, force us to change our password from time to time. Although I’d used the same one for Amazon for several years, recently it had to be changed (Why? I have no clue). I think Gmail is the worst. I type in my correct password carefully, and it’s says WRONG. I type it again, and it’s accepted. But sometimes, I go through this enough times that I have to change the password. AUGGH.
Despite the admonitions against it, I use my dogs’ names – both living and deceased and add numbers to satisfy the requirements. It’s madding, irritating, annoying, and a huge pain in the ass. Do you agree?
We have so much flipping security, you’d think we were protecting state secrets. But no, wait, state secrets are out. So much for their security. I promise you, the enemy would have no chance to get through my security – forced though it may be. Too bad the State Department doesn’t use whatever systems we’re force to endure.

Anyway — this is my rant for today, and excuse me now. I have to go change the password on my computer itself. Have a wonderful week, and keep track of those passwords.

Pugs as Comfort Dogs?

This link is to the website for one group of Comfort Dogs who were used both for the kids in the Sandy Hook tragedy and those wounded at the Boston Marathon bombing, among other places. These dogs are Golden Retrievers, although I doubt they needed much training. Goldens are, I’m told, naturally friendly and cooperative dogs. I sure hope so cause we’re getting a Golden Retriever puppy in a few weeks. Lolas birth announcment Lola had nine puppies, seven females, so I’m expecting that we’ll get a female. We’re still discussing names, although it’s Wayne’s turn to pick the name. I shudder to think what he’ll choose. Little A**hole is his latest suggestion. EGADS!! I like the one on the far right with her paw around the next puppy. We’ll see. Stay tuned for more cute pictures.

What I want to propose today is that folks consider pugs as comfort dogs. IMG_0828 Isn’t that cutest face? How could anyone resist him? This dog, named Cooper, was adopted into our family a few years ago. He’d been kept too much in a dog crate, and he still runs into his if I scold him. Now he just sleeps in there at night.

My husband, Wayne, loves this dog totally despite his tendency to ‘mark’ various places in the house; to bark furiously at everything–airplanes, garbage trucks, the mail person, my shadow, you name it; and to ignore you when you call him. Aside from all that, he’s a loving, happy dog who always prefers to sit in Wayne’s or anybody’s lap and chew on a toy. That is, unless someone rings the door bell, then he launches himself like a rocket to race to the door and BARK.

But I think folks are missing the boat to not use these guys as comfort or therapy dogs. What kind of dogs do you have? Are you a dog or a cat person? I’d love to hear from you.

Caesar’s Recovery

This is Caesar – he’s a 15-month-old British Lab. They look somewhat different from the typical Labs we see with their long noses, but he has the personality of a Lab, especially now that he’s no longer in pain. He had severe bilateral hip displasia. Notice in the picture how he sits funny.
But now he’s good – two FHO surgeries – femoral head ostectomy, where they cut off the head of femur where it has been grinding in his hip socket. Rehab exercises are building muscles back to support the femurs.
While he was recovering from the surgeries, it was necessary for my husband, my sons, and my grandson to carry him up and down the steps to go outside. We live in what’s called a raised basement house, that is, we live on the 2nd floor, and the ground floor is the basement (and 2 rented apartments). Houses in New Orleans don’t have basements underground because most of the city is built on filled swamps.
Anyway, I digress. Carrying a 68 lb. dog up and down steps wasn’t fun, and I can’t do it – bad back. But that’s all over. He’s healed up, although his butt was shaved and is still absent the hair.IMG_0339 But it’s starting to grow back.

These days he’s able to leap up on the couch without any trouble and sleeps there for hours. Another couple weeks of rehab – where they have him walk a treadmill in water and other strengthening exercises, and he’ll be good to go.

What kind of pets do you have? Are they in good health? We’ve got 2 dogs and 2 birds. Only quiet here so long as no one rings the door bell or the parrot runs out of food. If I can’t work in the noise and the mess, I’m in trouble, my friends.
One last thing – be on the lookout for my short story – The Red Halter Top, coming out on with Soul Mate Publishing on Amazon April 10. I’ll post the link.