Good Morning All — you faithful few. I haven’t posted in months, and finally here I am. I just spent 30 minutes trying up load 2 pictures to my desktop so I can include them here.
But– I can’t get them here to post. I could post them to Facebook, but that’s not what I want. POOEY!
I’ve kept this site even though it’s over a year since I’ve done anything. Hard to believe.

I hate that I waste so much time screwing around with no results. Oh well, enough ranting.
I’ve been sick with sciatic nerve pain, making it painful to sit in a chair to write. Then I fell and broke my femur last summer – holy Batman. What a mess. I won’t bore you with the sad tail, and the good news is that I’m all healed and walking just fine. Thank Goddess for surgeons and physical therapists. Take my advice, my friends. Don’t break your femur!

So, I’m going to figure out how to post pictures easily and create the blog I wanted later. In the meantime, thank you for not giving up on reading my postings. More coming.

Happy New Year with a Rainbow

Greetings All. We got to spend most of the Christmas holiday at our house on Dauphin Island. It’s a barrier island south of Mobile, Alabama. I love being there in the cool/cold weather because we have a fireplace. But I’ve been known to build a fire without its being cold outside.

The time was relaxing as I am recovering from hip replacement surgery on Dec. 11. I’m doing really well now, and have started out-patient physical therapy. What Fun.

What I wanted to share with y’all is these two pictures of a rainbow that appeared on Dec. 27. In the second shot you can just make out the double one. It was magical.



Planning on being more productive here in the coming weeks. I’m very behind on my latest manuscript – tentative title, The Taste of Faith. Not entirely satisfied with the title, but it’ll do for now.  Am trying to figure out how to add the cover of my last book: The Taste of Her. It’s available on Amazon:  It’s kinda creepy, but a romantic suspense with the promised Happily Ever After.


Blessings for a wonderful, prosperous, and healthy New Year.

The Origin of my Next Publication

The Taste of Her is a romantic suspense contracted with Soul Mate Publishing and coming out sometime this year. I am very pleased about this. When I shared the good news with friends, sometimes they’d ask me how I come up with my stories.

The Taste of Her was the easiest plot to design. Briefly it’s about a serial killer who delights in licking women’s bodies before he kills them.​ ​The homicide detective on the case who’s close to identifying him is herself kidnapped. You know romance stories have to have a happy ending, so I don’t need to go into any more detail here.

The origin of this story involves a practice I suspect many writers employ. I have a manilla folder (when I can find it) with the label “Story Ideas.” I’d done as much as I could on The Third Wife, a historical romance that chronicles a Seventeenth-Century witch who is befriended by a talking cat. I’ve worked on that story for a couple of years, and I needed to put it aside, let it rest, and start something new.

Tidying up my very messy desk one morning, I found the “Story Ideas” folder. Oh, great, I thought. Just what I need–a collection of ideas I’d saved. I got myself a fresh cup of tea and settled down to peruse the scrawled notes I anticipated were in the folder. I laughed when I opened the folder because there was just one yellow sticky inside. On the sticky, I’d written or copied a line from somebody’s work that I liked. I make all kinds of notes like this, copying good phrases, descriptions, and examples that I use to trigger my own writing. I don’t use any of them verbatim, just as triggers.

The note said: He enjoyed the taste of her skin. That was it. I stared at the note, and in a flash the entire plot of my story emerged. I envisioned a perverted serial killer who licked drugged women’s breasts just before he killed them. I could see a female homicide detective who struggled with sexist assholes in the homicide bureau and her over-bearing retired cop father. She fought all of them to be put in charge of a task force to catch the killer. She went undercover in the bar from which several of the victims had been abducted. And then she’s kidnapped in front of her own home. Etc etc etc.

All the pieces were there. I grabbed a yellow pad and jerked out my story structure notes from Michael Hague’s workshop I’d attended at the Romance Writers Convention in NYC three years ago ( Within thirty to forty-five minutes I’d scribbled out the entire plot. Writing it took a little longer, but I had the entire framework. This was the first manuscript where I resisted my tendency to edit extensively as I write. I tried hard to just get it down on the page. When I finished, I found a fellow writer from my RWA chapter who was willing to read it for me.

I will acknowledge her in the publication because she gave me six single-spaced pages of notes and suggestions that were golden. I did a thorough revision based on her comments and sent it off to Debby Gilbert, the publisher at Soul Mate who’d contracted The Red Halter Top, my first fiction publication. Debby replied within a couple of weeks, sending me a contract. So stay tuned; I’ll promote this one when it’s out on Amazon. In the meantime, check out The Red Halter Top. Link is to the right on this page. It’s a novella, straight sexy romance. Give it a good review if you like it. If you don’t, just tell me. (-:

How Do You Decide?

My desk, note the candle and two Goddess images - lower left.

My desk, note the candle and two Goddess images – lower left.

A cool, clear and beautiful morning in New Orleans and I need to get started on a new story. Have lots of ideas, but how do I decide? I could do a series off my last romantic suspense, or I could write a new romantic suspense, or a new contemporary. My first fiction pub is coming out April 10 – on Amazon Select– The Red Halter Top. Excited!!
But I have to keep writing, and I feel all adrift. I finished the ending of my historical romance Saturday– The Third Wife, and I need to edit it one more time before sending it off. The question there is where to send it?
I’ve been reading some of the craft books I have – re-reading and checking out how to start with a bang. Mostly they make me feel like I’ve done everything wrong in the novels I’ve finished. I’m enrolled in an on-line class, and I find these less than satisfying because they mostly consist of lectures. Only rarely do I find a class where the teacher is willing to have you send in examples for their feedback. I don’t blame the others for not giving specific feedback. That is a lot of work. But lectures aren’t much different from reading a book.

Attached are pictures of my sewing table and my desk — I have my computer on a cheap, Walmart table in front of all that mess. Think maybe I should first clean up my office?

Perhaps I just have Spring fever. How are you doing? Is it Spring where you are? Or are you still stuck in cold, snowy winter? Let me hear from you.

My sewing table--supposed to be for cutting fabric, but first all this stuff has to be removed.

My sewing table–supposed to be for cutting fabric, but first all this stuff has to be removed.

Make March Clean-Up Month

IMG_0294Greetings – I’m starting with a picture of my year-old Lab, Caesar. A happy dog with stick. Just to catch your eye. Everyone loves happy dogs, especially when they’re not chewing up sticks and roots they’ve scrounged up in the yard to scatter debris on your rugs.

To the point:  Here we are coming up on Easter and my last post was before Christmas? Egads! I hope your new year is moving along with good news, good results, and happy days. This post is about getting your A__ moving. Remember your big plans for 2013. How’s it going?
We human beings are often willing to let things slide. I remember a boss I worked for as a secretary years ago. He’d have a To Do box on his desk and let stuff sit there without doing anything with the issue or the letter or the whatever.
Being a Type A type, I’d nag him to handle these things. He’d smile and ignore me. One day he told me that if he left them there long enough, he didn’t have to do anything.
Is that what you do? Leave a project unfinished until it’s so old you can just dump it? Unfinished novels, incomplete re-organization projects (one friend is just now doing her taxes for 2009??), UFPs (UnFinished Projects) – the label quilters give to those half done quilts.
These things suck your energy, prey on your mind, some keep you awake at night-worrying, and just generally clutter your home, your office, and your brain.
Make this month the one you clean them out – either throw them away, donate the fabric, yarn, etc., or Goddess Be Praised — FINISH THEM!!
Let me know if any of this resonates with you.