Is anybody there?

Egads.  It’s been sooo long since I posted anything, I’ve forgotten how to operate creating a blog.  After struggling with logging in, I tend to lose any interest in doing anything.

That said – I’m doing better physically than last time, but frustrated with current politics so much that I’ve logged off from Facebook for a few months. The treatment of the children being held by ICE upsets me so much that I can’t sleep, and the behavior of our so-called ‘leaders’ is despicable.

So what else?  My granddaughter, Zoe, has turned one, and my great-grandson, Ares, is almost 18 months.  A real treat to be with them. Feels like they are the only reason I’m sane.

Unfortunately, writing has taken a back, back seat. Have one story about 70% drafted, but haven’t touched it for months.  I guess I’m sounding depressed.  Enough of all this.

Respond, if you can, and at least let me know you’re reading.  That’s all for now.